Best Online Home Business For Beginners

You have probably made the decision to start your own online home business.

There are lots of people looking to start their very own online home business, and since you are reading this, you are most likely one of them. You have probably heard by now, the stories of how people turned their online home business start-up into an overnight success, and made the owner, the next person to hit the rich list. However, it is only the type that can maintain consistency, motivation and willingness to educate themselves along with unique ideas that ever reach these riches.

If you are like me, your dealing with the hassles of working a 9-5, commuting to work in peak hour traffic and more importantly, losing valuable time spent with your family.

Time is one thing we cannot get back

To be your OWN boss, you get the freedom to do what ever it is you choose, work the hours you desire and retain that valuable time with your family. You have the potential to increase your earnings.

online home business

Fortunately their are a few simple online home business ideas for beginners

These ideas can lead to substantial income, that can ultimately free yourself from the confines of the traditional 9-5  job, for the rest of your life. Following is some online home business ides that can offer opportunites for you to begin with today.

Niche Marketing

Here you can build an online home business that is congruent with one of your passions. Following your passion is a perfect place to start building your online home business as you are more likely to remain consistent, motivated and follow through till you succeed. You can use your passion to build blogs, Facebook pages, youtube channels, Pinterest accounts, Tumblr accounts etc and start making connections with networks of people within your niche. Building relationships is the beginning of building readership and the start to turning your passion into a profit making machine.

One example of niche marketing could be cooking. If this was your passion, you could take videos of yourself whilst your preparing your dishes, capturing details of your ingredients, prep techniques and cooking methods and instructions. You would then upload them to a youtube channel, write an article on your blog and share these with targeted audiences that will appreciate your content. As you continue to do this, you become an authority within your niche. People will begin to look out for your new content and become avid readers. Now you can start to advertise products (your own or become an affiliate of someone else’s) to them and make money from your content.


An e-commerce  business is a perfect online home business that anyone can setup. Essentially you are selling products online either through your website or third party channels such as eBay, Facebook, Amazon etc. Although all methods are widely accepted, my personal opinion is, your better to have your own personal website, that you can build a brand with. This will become your online home business asset.

Two methods exist with e-commerce. First is the traditional, where you would purchase products and stock them yourself, and then ship them out to your customers. Second is drop shipping products directly from the suppliers. Drop shipping is not popular in all countries, so you would have to complete your own due-diligence before committing to any drop shipping suppliers.

Running an e-commerce store is very rewarding and can be a whole lot stressful than running a bricks and mortar store.


Offering online services such as programming, design, event management, writing etc are becoming quite popular. If you have specific skills in areas that could be provided online, you would simply sell these either on your own or through freelance networks such as oDesk, Guru and Elance.

With these type of skills, you can start your online home business right now.

For instance, if you have skills with video editing and production, then you could advertise yourself with these skills online, and sell your services to anyone, from anywhere in the world.

Why Start An Online Home Business

Lets look at the potential advantages an online business can provide:

  • Work anywhere whilst ever you have an internet connection
  • The ability to sell products or services to anyone, anywhere worldwide
  • You can start small, generally with zero startup capital
  • Online business can work automatically generating an income while your asleep
  • You can start with limited or even zero technical knowledge

An online business enables you to leverage the internet to reach millions and millions of people

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