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Rebel Entrepreneurs B2B Social Media Lead Generation Intensive

Rebel Entrepreneurs

Multiple Dates

Silverwater, NSW


Social media is all the rage and when used effectively, can fill your sales funnel with a continuous stream of qualified leads.


How many of these symptoms can you identify with?


  • Wasting valuable time at networking events, hate cold calling and find your email campaigns unresponsive?
  • Increasingly high SEO costs with limited results? Would you like an ongoing pool of qualified leads and prospects?
  • Frustrated with all day seminars or online webinars which give you “information overload” and nothing tangible you can action immediately?
In 2012, a study by HubSpot among 3,128 companies found that LinkedIn is four times better at delivering leads than both Facebook and Twitter. With over 225 million users, LinkedIn has become the world’s biggest social networking site for business, but very little training or support exists to educate business owners and professionals on how to use this platform, let alone leverage it to its full potential.
  • Does your LinkedIn profile lack that “wow” factor, or is it incomplete and just resembles an online resume?
  • Do you happily accept LinkedIn invitations to connect without having an effective strategy to qualify these prospects?
  • Social media etiquette and “rules of engagement” are meaningless concepts, so your interactions are rejected as irrelevant, intrusive or just plain “spammy”?

If you answered yes to any or ALL OF THE ABOVE, then this is the perfect workshop for you and your team. Over the course of 2 days of interactive learning, you will walk away with the necessary skills and confidence to embrace Social Media for your lead generation and prospecting efforts.


You will have these 7 Rebel Entrepreneur Secrets…

  1. A customised, complete engaging and powerful LinkedIn profile
  2. The correct social media etiquette so you don’t sound “spammy”
  3. The proven 5 Step System to turn your connections into sales
  4. Jeff’s ultimate success formula to close $1-2 million dollar accounts
  5. How to be a subject matter expert and have your prospects seek you out
  6. How to lead nurture and be an industry leader who adds value
  7. A tailored professional summary that speaks directly to your client avatar and solves their problem rather than reads like an online resume

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