If you’ve been in the business to consumer (B2C) market for a long period of time, you would know how to reach potential customers.

You know which publications work and the one’s that don’t; you most certainly know how to run a successful direct mail campaign.

Why, then should it be necessary to insert new digital marketing into your marketing mix?

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Keeps You Competitive

My thoughts are there’s two reasons to engage your business into digital marketing. First, and foremost your competitors are already doing it. And second, in this day and age your customers are expecting it.

First reason first. Lets say your competitors have already figured out their digital marketing strategies, that has given them an advantage instantly.

If your competitors have structured a successful digital marketing campaign, they have not only generated a more efficient way to connect with their existing customers, but also have a proven method in attracting new customers, in places that you are not.

More and more purchases are being searched online. Customers will look for an easy and efficient way of finding information, this and coupled with the amount of information available to them, makes searching online rewarding.

Bottom line is the business opportunities you want to reach can be found online.

According to online statistics, blog frequency impacts customers acquisition with 92% of businesses that blogged multiple times per day acquired a customer through their blog.

Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing whilst 77% of businesses acquired customers from Facebook.

Your target buyers are already online, and increasingly their activity through online communities which you can and should reach out to online. You need to innovate just to keep your place, let alone jump ahead of your competitors.

Digital Marketing Is Becoming More Prevalent

It is imperative that you invest in digital marketing to remain competitive.

It has become widespread within the Small to Medium Businesses (SMB’s) market. How much, then, are your competitors spending on digital marketing?

Recent statistics show SMB’s spend avg. 46% of marketing budget on Digital Marketing, importantly to note only 24% of SMB’s spend less than 10% of their marketing budget on digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Improves Customer Relationships

There is a reason that more and more B2C businesses are embracing digital marketing strategies; it works.

Not only does it work, it works in ways traditional media wont. The main benefits of digital marketing is the ability you have at establishing a one-to-one connection with your customers and target new prospects.

This direct connection works two ways, which builds the relationships stronger – not only do you have the ability to communicate with your customers, they have the unique opportunity to communicate back to you, and on a regular basis.

What does all this mean to your business?

Simply put, now is the time to rethink your marketing plan.

You need to shift your focus and your budget from traditional channels to digital marketing, even if that means taking a few risks and redirecting your efforts from traditional campaigns that have worked in the past.

To remain competitive, you can’t ignore the fundamental changes that are resulting from your customers embracing the Internet.

Jason Upton