Digital Experts Academy - Overview

Co-Founders Sturat Ross and Jay Kubassek are the driving force behind the Digital Experts Academy.

Digital Experts Academy offers four levels of membership designed to take you from an opportunity seeker all the way to digital expert.  Sturat And Jay looked at everything that someone starting from scratch would require to successfully transition to full time digital marketer and beyond.

Each level was specifically designed to move the member through the next phase of self-reliance by teaching a new set of marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial skill-sets.


To learn how to become a member of the Digital Experts Academy and how you can create your own online business

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NOTE Prices may vary depending on current promotions and installment plans.


SILVER Membership

Transform yourself into a cutting edge Digital Entrepreneur with this 12 Month Digital Entrepreneurship and mindset training program.

Success always starts on the inside. It’s unrealistic to expect a different result applying the same logic. SILVER gives you the foundational success-mindset and skill-sets required for your digital life. Training is delivered via a proprietary, e-learning portal featuring the latest space-repetition learning technology helping you quickly absorb and apply the expert information.LEARN MORE

Individual Price: $2,499 | 10-day Window Price: $1,999

GOLD Membership

Master the skill of Digital Marketing with a 12 month membership to this cutting edge marketing mastermind and live workshop.

GOLD members participate in an intensive digital marketing training program designed to teach you how to become a full time, professional, digital marketer. GOLD also includes a three day digital marketing boot-camp.LEARN MORE

Individual Price: $4,999 | 10-day window price: $4,999 (Includes free SILVER)

PLATINUM Membership

Present yourself as an expert caliber professional with this “done for you” Digital Brand building solution.

PLATINUM establishes you as an authority by giving you your own, unique, expert brand. Featuring an intensive online brand building workshop, we help members identify their unique gifts and talents and create an expert online brand image for them. Unlike SILVER and GOLD which are primarily educational in nature, this is primarily a done-for-you solution. LEARN MORE

Individual Price: $9,999 | 10-day Window Price: $4,999

BLACK Membership

Connect, partner with, and leverage our network of Digital Experts at our annual DEA Mastermind & Retreat

Black features an ultra-exclusive mastermind retreat in an exotic location. This is the ultimate inner-circle access to the who’s who in digital marketing and the digital economy. The opportunity to joint venture with the DEA is also a potential possibility upon certain qualifications. LEARN MORE

Individual Price: $19,999 | 10-day Window Price: $9,999

Digital Experts Academy (DEA) Compensation Plan


To keep your life simple and profitable, we make our compensation plan simple and profitable. We pay up to 50% commissions on every sale of the DEA SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and BLACK product line.
(The NEW plan went live on Oct 8, 2013):

  • 10%, 25% or 40% commissions are paid to a qualified Tier 1 referrer – the affiliate making the sale.
  • 10% commissions are paid to a qualified Tier 2 referrer – the referrer of the affiliate making the sale.

How do I qualify to earn Tier 1 and Tier 2 commissions?

  • DEA Affiliate (Basic Qualification = Basic Commissions)
    Earn 10% commissions on Tier 1 and 0% commissions on Tier 2.
    Open to all Active SFM Members – no product purchase necessary.
  • DEA Reseller (Medium Qualification = Medium Commissions)
    Earn 25% commissions on Tier 1 and 0% commissions on Tier 2.
    Open to all Active SFM Members that also purchase that product.
  • DEA Partner (Maximum Qualification = Maximum Commissions)
    Earn 40% commissions on Tier 1 and 10% commissions on Tier 2.
    Open to all Active SFM Members that also purchase that product with their first 10 days.


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