DEA GOLD: 6-Month Digital Marketing Mastermind & 2-Day Workshop

6-Month Digital Marketing Mastermind
Become a full-time, professional Online Marketer with this 6-Week (live) group intensive coaching program, accompanied with 6 months of one-on-one marketing mentorship and a bonus 2-day intensive workshop (tickets for next live event and immediate previous event video footage included). Self-reliance will be a result of mastering the most valuable skill-set in the Digital Economy: MARKETING.

The ultimate objective of your GOLD Membership is for you to learn how earn a full-time income as a digital marketer. In order to help you accomplish this goal DEA uses its reach and influence to bring in the top Digital Marketing experts in the world. You get access to their training and mentorship as part of your ultra-exclusive GOLD Membership. This is training that is simply not available to most individuals.

In addition to your 6-Week intensive coaching program and one-on-one mentorship access, you will also receive a bonus ticket to the next 2 day Gold Digital Marketing Workshop, which is held multiple times a year in various locations around the world in a small workshop type setting. Attendance to these events is limited in order to keep them as interactive, intimate, and impactful as possible

Your 6-Month GOLD Membership includes:

  • Unlimited (6 months) One-on-One 30 minute personal mentoring sessions
  • Six week INTENSIVE live coaching course teaching you every aspect of online marketing (affiliate marketing, list building, traffic, conversions, monetization, etc)
  • Bonus: DEA 2 Day Gold Marketing Workshop

One-On-One Mentoring Program With A DEA Mentor

James Holmes

Digital Experts Academy is proud to announce the addition of digital marketing coach James Holmes. James is an experienced affiliate marketer and team builder who has worked directly along side Stuart Ross in top-tier direct sales for several years. He has vast knowledge in the areas of traffic and lead generation, website promotion, social media and many other simple, yet highly effective list building strategies.

James is equally excited to be working with DEA in an official capacity. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with like-minded, motivated and committed students. We are confident you will love implementing the strategies and techniques you receive under James’ guidance. Are you ready for a one-to-one mentoring session?


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