It doesn’t matter what you call them – About, About Us Page, Our Team…. the website About Page is your most important page.

Visitors to your page will begin to read your content – and if they haven’t already left… they will head over to your About Page to check out, what exactly it is your business has to offer.

Your About Page is your primary connection point for your customers.

Your About Page should be a hub for your customers to learn how your business can benefit them. It should be a way of converting them into customers with compelling content that engages them whilst simultaneously building trust.

The truth to the matter is – no one cares how good your business is.

Reality is, they just want to know your product or service will provide them with the benefits they are seeking, and your business has capabilities of fulfilling that need.

Engage your audience with a story.

People will take interest and are gripped with emotion in no other way than reading a story. Study your business and tell your story.

Gently guide your visitors down the path of taking action. Boldly lead them to the precise action you’d like them to take.

Don’t overload your visitors with too much information…..A 2001 study discovered that humans can only process 4 chunks of information with their short term memory.

Test, Test, Test your About Page.

Every landing page, website, and business is different

Minor changes make big differences.

A great About Page helps you to acquire more customers.

Here is a fantastic way to use your About Page to acquire more customers.

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Jason Upton