Follow Our Website Creation Stage

Learn the best way to build your fully optimised website designed for your target market, with mobile responsive designs and full analytics

Planning Your Website

Planning your website is just as important as creating one. Start here and follow our simple planning steps to build your own website that will ultimately attract your target audience and convert them to customers.

Designing For Your Target Audience

Having a website convert your traffic to customers is critical for business growth. Learn why its important to design to suit your target audience.

Registering Domains & Web Hosting

Follow our video tutorials on how to register your domain name and establish web hosting. Using the WordPress CMS take a view from over the shoulder and see how easy it is to install WordPress

Building Your Website

Now the exciting part. Biulding out your website. Follow our video tutorial on setting up your website to be search engine optimised, install mobile responsive themes, creating your first page including images and video plus more.


Creating & Managing Content

Follow our tips on creating and managing content that your audience will feel compelled to share. Also learn how to structure your site navigation for search engine optimisation.

Launching & Promotion

Having a website full of content is one thing. Attracting traffic to your site is the other. Learn tips and strategies for an effective launch and how to best promote your new site.

Tracking & Analysis

Tracking your visitors and breaking down the analytics can give you vital statistics on how to improve your website conversions. Learn the tools to efficiently track and analyse your website performance and metrics.

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