I thought I might write this post to answer a few questions I’ve been asked recently. Why do I choose to send newsletters to my subscribers, how do I effectively deliver my newsletters and why I have chosen to use the tool that I use to deliver.

Why do I choose to send newsletters?

This is a reasonably common question within the small business community, and one that can raise debate over the comparisons made between delivering newsletters and setting up RSS Feeds.

As a online business person my first objective is to provide value to my audience. Value through providing unique content that they will find informative. I like to engage with them on a personal level, to build my relationship. After all I don’t want to be someone hiding behind a website offering up a whole lot of nuisance. In point form my reasons are:

  • To build a community
  • Improve my content
  • Promotion of my posts
  • Increased in relationships with my audience
  • Drive sales
  • I find it easy to setup and deliver

How do I deliver my newsletters?

The tool that I use for this is Aweber. I’ve been using Aweber since last year and have found their setup, user friendly platform and integration with wordpress to be effortless.

Why Aweber?

The features that exist with Aweber far exceed any other email management provider

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Unlimited subscriber lists within my one account – many providers charge for extra list options. I have three lists setup in my one account.

Auto responders – I can create a series of emails for my new subscribers to receive on a regular basis so that when they subscribe, they receive informative content in a pre-determined order and timing that I choose. It adds the ability to run my business on autopilot.

Unlimited emails – Aweber allows me to send as many emails or broadcasts as I choose. This include to all of my lists.

Deliverability – my emails get delivered on time, every time. I have had zero bounce rate from all of my emails and I can get real time stats on who received and opened them.

Analytics – I find Aweber to have more ways to track the activity of my subscribers than I actually know what to do with. I can:

  • Track what time of day my list opens their emails
  • Track what sites they move to
  • Test different web forms
  • Track and send specific emails certain subscribers

For me Aweber is the best performing email management system. With tons of templates, image hosting and a list of tracking stats available, I can’t pass up the service that Aweber provides.

Share your thoughts on Aweber or your preferred provider.